Rick Moore

rick_mooreThroughout my life I have visualized sculptural objects that would complement paintings and other design elements in an interior. Recently starting to experiment, I have begun shaping and structuring found woods and finishing their natural textures with vivid, saturated color. Gratefully, I acknowledge the encouragement and technical mentorship of Santa Fe artists Elaine Holien and Linda Ging. Thanks in part to their nudging, I am confident that others will want to enjoy displaying my sculptures as much as I enjoy making them. In returning to painting after a long absence, I have rediscovered a level of creative energy and a flood of ideas not unlike those experienced in high school and college. I savor the hours in my studio where time disappears while manipulating form, texture, and wonderful, amazing color, on canvas. I use acrylic for its versatility, and exult in exploring a variety of non-brush application methods, to achieve textures and topographies that will engage the eyes and emotions.