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I made art my life’s work because I appreciate equally the three parties usually involved in the magic of fine art: the artist, the art lover, and the gallerist who brings them together. Since closing my retail location a couple of years ago, I have found that we can give an even higher level of personal service to established and new clients than ever before. My clients like this approach better, as do I.

Welcome to Rick Moore Gallery online. You will see works by extraordinary painters, different in style, technique, and genre, but alike in commitment to the highest standards of originality, craftsmanship, and aesthetic excellence. Among refinements to the Gallery is an expanded selection of works by slightly reduced number of artists. New works by painters Linda J. Ging, Jinni Thomas, Nancy Ortenstone and Suzanne French Luker are beautiful evidence of the ample originality, technical skill and compositional virtuosity these painters possess.

Another exciting development is the addition of a contemporary sculptor/painter to my roster, namely me. After earning my BFA at the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale in the early seventies, I relished working as an interior designer for several years. My attraction to art led me to begin representing two West coast art publishers, selling to galleries, architects, and interior designers, in a prime , multi-state Southeast territory . Part of my task was finding artists with the best publishing potential. It was inevitable that I would want to show original works by artists I was meeting, admiring, and recommending for publication. Rick Moore Fine Art was established in 1983 with a retail gallery in Naples, Florida and then renovated a 150-year old building in Santa Fe, New Mexico and operated a second location there from 2002 to 2006. The Naples location closed in 2009 in favour of developing my present, more personal approach to bringing the best art to my clients

Throughout my life I have visualized sculptural objects that would complement paintings and other design elements in an interior. Recently starting to experiment, I have begun shaping and structuring found woods and finishing their natural textures with vivid, saturated color. Gratefully, I acknowledge the encouragement and technical mentorship of Santa Fe artists Elaine Holien and Linda Ging. Thanks in part to their nudging, I am confident that others will want to enjoy displaying my sculptures as much as I enjoy making them. In returning to painting after a long absence, I have rediscovered a level of creative energy and a flood of ideas not unlike those experienced in high school and college. I savor the hours in my studio where time disappears while manipulating form, texture, and wonderful, amazing color, on canvas. I use acrylic for its versatility, and exult in exploring a variety of non-brush application methods, to achieve textures and topographies that will engage the eyes and emotions.

So again, welcome to Rick Moore Fine Art.. Enter, experience the virtual exhibition here. Choose your favorites, and arrange a personalized showing by giving me a phone call or sending an e-mail. You will enjoy your art forever, and I will see to it that you enjoy the experience of acquiring it.